Creamy Coconut Milk & Honey Solid Shampoo Bar


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A creamy moisturising natural treat for your hair and with little impact on the environment.  Use for normal to dry or frizzy hair.  Free from parabens, mainly plant based and natural ingredients used and not tested on animals.

Weight: Approx. 2.2 oz

Ingredients: sodium cocyl isotheionate (relax it’s natural and comes from coconuts!), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (nope not a sulphate and totally plant based, pure and organic), sea buck thorn oil,  horsetail extract, nettle leaf extract, calendula liquid  extract, stearic acid (plant based, BTMS 50 (mainly plant based), cetearyl alcohol (plant based), vinegar, vitamin E oil, essential oil and  locally sourced: cocoa butter, honey and coconut milk.

Directions to use:  Wet hair and rub bar onto hair. Rub fingers through hair to spread lather throughout your hair. Rinse and the use our conditioner bar as required.


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